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STATE RULEBOOK  2014 - 2015

Draft Copy

Revised July 2014

State Rulebook - General Rules & UTE On-Site Events

Section 1

National Qualifying Events

Section 2

Middle School Projects

Section 3

High School Projects

Section 4

Please take a moment to review the DRAFT copies of the Texas TSA rulebook.  If you find any errors or have questions about possible items that may have been removed please email Ricky Broussard - rbroussard@mesquiteisd.org. The review process will end on Oct. 15 and the final version will be posted by the first week of November.

The rulebook has been slightly reformatted this year.  There are 4 sections now.  We would like to thank the individuals who showed up this summer and helped us review the rulebook.

LINK TO:  Texas TSA Advisors Group on Teacher Tube
(contains some videos that help explain some of the changes in the rulebook)